From our earliest days we have focused on building strong and sustainable brands that are synonymous with quality and reliability.

Our original roots stem from General Electric, the Company founded by Thomas Edison, inventor of the electric lightbulb. GE is often referred to today as a 125 year old start up, and in it Edison established a mindset, and a brand that stood for making our world work better. His own words, “I find out what the world needs and then proceed to invent it,”are a promise to live in the present, keep an eye on the future, anticipate what the world needs, and make it happen.

After the Management Buy Out of GE’s manufacturing interests in Shannon 1988, the new Irish Company’s founders set about developing a strong Ei brand based on this original GE philosophy. Built on the three pillars of Quality, Service and Innovation, the Ei brand has evolved with the Company in the intervening years, as we grew and expanded our global footprint.

Our UK interests are served by our subsidiary in that market – Aico. The Aico brand has been built over 25 years and today the name is synonymous with the highest levels of quality and reliability in the market segments in which it operates.

Beyond building and maintaining strong Corporate Brands, we continue to invest in creating identities around our core technologies and products that set us apart from the competition, and reinforce our position as innovators and leaders at the premium end of the market.

Quality | Service | Innovation

Looking to the future, as our business grows, we will continue to evolve, ever mindful of the core values instilled in us by our founders that remain the pillars on which our brands are built and continue to thrive.