• UL539 / ULC 530 certified, UL 521 Ready
  • Fixed high temperature and ROR fast response thermistor sensor
  • Trigger temperature 135°F ± 4°F
  • Rate of Rise 15°F / Min > 104 °F
  • Unique modular plug-in radio design
  • Large EZ-Press™ Test button
  • Automatic low battery indication
  • Built-in sounder – 85dBA at 3 meters
  • LED Alarm indication
  • Easy to install twist-on base design
  • Aesthetically pleasing, compact design
  • 5 year warranty
Product Description

EiA630 alarms give an audible warning and can transmit a radio signal to a panel when the temperature at the unit reaches 135°F ± 4°F or rises more than 15°F/minute.

Heat Alarms are for use in kitchens and garages where the use of optical or ionization alarms could lead to unwanted nuisance alarms. A unique external 8 pin header design enables simple, plug-in interface
with a wide range (frequency and/or protocol) of custom OEM radio modules. No need to open the housing or to solder ribbon cables.

EiA630 devices are specifically designed for simple & intuitive, time-saving installation, commissioning and maintenance.  All necessary mounting hardware is included. The large, ergonomic, easy to find, Test button enables full testing.

Technical Specifications


UL 539 / ULC 530 listed, UL 521 Ready
Manufactured to ISO 9001 quality standards

Sensor Type

Fixed temperature thermistor.
High temperature range 135°F ± 4°F

Rate of Rise

15°F/min when >104°F

Radio Integration

Plug-in 8 Pin header

Integrated Head Removal Tamper Switch

When head is removed a signal can be sent to the panel/hub via the RF module

Sound Level

Minimum output 85dBA at 3m. The sounder contacts are soldered directly to the piezo disc for additional security

Button Test

Checks the thermistor, electronics, battery and horn

Supply Voltage

1 x CR123A battery. Provision is made for a
second optional CR123A battery.

LED Indicators

RED - Power up, button test, in alarm, memory,
YELLOW - Power up, low battery, sensor fault, end of life

Humidity Range

15 % to 95 % Relative Humidity (non-condensing)

Operating Temperature Range

40°F to 100°F (*)

Storage Temperature Range

14°F to 104°F (*)

Product Dimensions

115mm x 55mm or 4.53” x 2.17”


200g or 7.05 ounces (Includes packaging)


5 year (limited) warranty

(* )  Temperature and Humidity conditions are for normal operation and storage. Units will function outside these ranges as required by the specific Product Standards. However, extended exposure to conditions outside these ranges may affect product life. For advice on prolonged operation outside these ranges consult the manufacturer.


In addition to standard High-Temp (135 degrees F) and Rate-of-Rise heat alarm functions, Ei Electronics EiA660 Multi-Criteria Photoelectric Smoke/Heat and EiA630 Fast Response Thermistor-based Heat Alarms are now available with powerful SmartTemp+® Customizable Temperature Reporting Capability. Access to real-time temperature data stored in EiA660 & EiA630 alarm heads allows OEM’s to create and transmit a unique range of fully customizable temperature alerts utilizing their own Proprietary RF Wireless Communication Modules.

The range of custom temperature based alerts that OEM’s can create is virtually unlimited. For example; Custom “Freeze Warning” alerts can be generated to prevent pipes from freezing or to inform of potentially life threatening cold when a low temperature set-points (chosen by OEM) are reached. Custom “Rapidly Falling Temperature Warning” alerts can be generated to notify users in the event of rapid indoor temperature drops, indicative of a possible break-in, or a door or window inadvertently being left open. “Ambient Temperature” at each alarm head can also be reported out in real-time via each device’s wireless communication module.

The added capability built into every Ei Electronics SmartTemp+® device offers OEM’s and their customer’s advanced, value-added life and property protection features that leave the competition out in the cold.

Model variations


Short Description

EiA630WBase model
EiA630iWBase model with AudioLINK  
EiA630RFBase model with Ei Electronics module fitted 

Base model with RadioLink module fitted and AudioLINK



  Datasheet EiA630


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