Manufacturing Excellence

We have a long and well established manufacturing heritage, dating back to our earliest years, and to this day our facility remains a uniquely integrated manufacturing operation in Shannon, Ireland.

Our own in-house designed and manufactured sensors are the core elements of our alarm products.These highly sensitive and robust devices are assembled and calibrated within the manufacturing process. All of the other key components are also manufactured in-house, including populated printed circuit boards, plastic parts, enclosures, and piezo chamber assemblies.

Highly Automated Processes

A fully integrated manufacturing philosophy includes state of the art through-hole and surface mount technologies in our PCB assembly, together with a range of injection moulding machines supplying our complement of plastic parts and enclosures

Printed Circuit Board Assembly

Using both Surface Mount and Thru Hole Technologies

12 Million PCBs Assembled Annually

Injection Moulding of Plastics

37 Machines with 20-300 Tonnes Clamping Force

130 Million Plastic Parts Manufactured Annualy

Cell Assembly

Lean Manufacturing & Continuous Improvement

Our integrated manufacturing approach, unique in the current age, is underpinned by an ongoing assessment of our ISO 9001 quality management system and a desire to achieve ever improving productivity and quality yields. It affords us unrivalled flexibility, efficiency and control throughout the entire supply chain.
Our lean manufacturing philosophy ensures total employee involvement, and has also built a company wide culture of continuous improvement, which has been critical to our growth and success since our foundation.