Today we all live in an increasingly connected world. This has created new challenges and opportunities related to how our products are used by our customers. To this end, we have brought to market a range of wireless interconnection and cloud-based technologies to provide our client base with the tools to serve their marketplaces more efficiently and cost-effectively.

Wireless Technology

We provide a suite of products and technologies to provide wireless interconnection between alarms, and data extraction, monitoring and reporting features.

Interconnect, Monitoring and Reporting

  • Wireless Interconnect between alarms
  • Data extraction enabling whole system monitoring and reporting locally or remotely
  • Ease of installation upgrade
  • Customised reports may be generated, stored, shared, emailed or uploaded to a cloud-based portal

Seamless Data Extraction

  • Alarm Information is transmitted acoustically to mobile devices
  • Customised reports may be generated, stored shared and emailed
  • Available via Android and ios App with industry standard security