• UL 2034 and CSA6.19 Certified, UL 2075 Ready
  • Proven electrochemical sensor (10 year sensor life)
  • Unique modular plug-in radio design
  • Large EZ-Press™ Test/Hush button
  • Automatic low battery indication
  • Automatic sensor fault indication
  • Built-in sounder – 85dBA at 3 meters
  • End of life indicator
  • Power up, test, alarm, hush, memory and fault indicators
  • Memory feature indicates if CO was previously detected
  • Easy to install twist-on base design
  • 5 year warranty
Product Description

The EiA207 series of Carbon Monoxide (CO) alarms has a high performance, proven electrochemical sensor to detect the presence of CO. Each sensor is individually calibrated & tested in CO gas to ensure accuracy.

A unique external 8 pin header design enables simple, plug-in interface with a wide range (frequency and/or protocol) of custom OEM radio modules. No need to open the housing or to solder ribbon cables.

The memory feature records the last CO alarm level and can be useful to check if CO has been present while the home owner or tenant was away from the property.

EiA207 devices are specifically designed for simple & intuitive, time-saving installation, commissioning and maintenance. All necessary mounting hardware is included.

The large, ergonomically located Test/Hush button enables full testing of the alarm. All aspects of the alarm (sensor, electronics, battery and sounder) can be tested with the press of a button.

Technical Specifications


UL 2034 & CSA6.19 Certified, UL 2075 Ready
Manufactured to ISO 9001 quality standards

Radio Integration

Plug-in 8 Pin header

Integrated Head Removal Tamper Switch

When head is removed a signal can be sent to the panel/hub via the RF

Sensor Types

Proven electrochemical sensing technology. 100% calibrated and tested with carbon
monoxide gas to ensure accuracy. CO level is
checked every 4 seconds.

Sound Level

Minimum output 85dBA at 3m. The sounder contacts are soldered directly to the piezo disc for additional security

Button Test

Checks the sensors, electronics, battery and horn

Silence Function

As a safety feature, silence function can only be used once per alarm event and only if CO level <250ppm (automatically resets after 4 min)

Supply Voltage

2 x AAA Alkaline Batteries

LED Indicators

Green - Power up & Test

Red - Power up, pre-alarm, alarm, hush mode and memory

Yellow - Power up & Fault

End of Life

The CO Alarm includes an “end-of-life” indicator which will notify the user when the
device has reached the end of its 10 year operational life and needs to be replaced

Operating Temperature Range

40°F to 100°F 

Storage Temperature Range

14°F to 104°F 

Humidity Range

15 % to 95 % Relative Humidity (non-condensing)

Product Dimensions

120mm x 105mm x 45mm or 4.72” x 4.13” x 1.77”


220g or 7.76 ounces (Includes packaging)


5 year (limited) warranty
LCD Display

The LCD displays the level of CO detected, faults and recommended actions (see below table). The level of CO appears on the LCD as soon as 30ppm is detected.


Model Variations


Short Description 

EiA207WBase Model
EiA207DWBase model with LCD display
EiA207iWBase model with AudioLINK
EiA207iDWBase model with LCD display and AudioLINK
EiA207RFZ Base model with Z-Wave module fitted
EiA207DRFZBase model with LCD display and Z-Wave module fitted

Datasheet EiA207 - UL Approval


Datasheet EiA207 - Intertek Approval


Book Cartoon icon        Manual EiA207 Series