Ei Electronics new AudioLINK feature is a means of extracting event data from the alarm to a specially design Smart Phone App. The phone application is specifically design to interpret the sound and convert it into meaningful event driven data.  When you initially open the app you will have three option:

  • Download event data
  • Instructions
  • FAQ (Frequently asked question)

Once you have downloaded events from an Alarm you will be presented with a fourth option to “Load the previous events”. This allows you to view the last downloaded event log.

Operating Instructions

Please use the in app on-screen instructions section on how to download the event data. The mobile phone must be held a minimum of 50cm away from the Alarm when downloading.

Works With

The AudioLINK app works with most Android smartphones supporting Android KitKat software Rev 4.1 onwards. To find your phones software & revision go to settings then “about”. For optimal performance we recommend the following phones: Samsung Galaxy S3, S4, S5 HTC-One Sony Experia


Once the data is downloaded from the alarm the app will display the current event status. Information such as the battery status, sensor status, Alarm events and time of last event will be available for review. Clicking on the relevant field will bring up additional information on the event.

Patent Application No. 11394025.8